We know that equality and inclusion matter, not only for a fairer workplace but for a better business in every department. We embrace different identities, knowledge, skills, ideas, and experiences to have greater creativity in our decision-making and in turn strengthen our services. In doing so, we aspire for an environment where everyone feels respected, welcomed, and valued – where they can be themselves and contribute fully.

Discover Our Initiatives

Neurodiversity Week

In March, our DEI team dedicated a week to celebrating Neurodiversity, highlighting its significance through a range of informative and educational resources. Traditionally viewed through a lens of stigma, Neurodiversity is now being recognised for its inherent strengths. One in every seven people identifies with this unique cognitive perspective that often leads to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

Throughout the week, our team shared PowerPoint presentations, recorded discussions, and interactive conversations which shed light on the diverse ways the brain functions. Colleagues also shared their personal experiences with Neurodiversity, fostering open dialogue within our workplace and a supportive atmosphere. To support neurodivergence going forward, the DEI team provided a comprehensive list of Microsoft 365 tools tailored to assist them in the workplace. These resources aim to enhance accessibility and facilitate a more inclusive work environment for all.

People-Centred Family Policies

Ocean Holidays values itself as a people-centred workplace. To keep this principle at the forefront of our processes, our DEI team has undertaken a significant initiative to refresh our family policies, placing a strong emphasis on the well-being and needs of our employees. Key enhancements include extending maternity full pay, introducing policies for Domestic Abuse, and removing the service threshold requirement for Parental Leave eligibility.

In addition, Parental Bereavement Leave has been restructured to allow for greater flexibility, Compassionate Leave has been expanded to cover all family members with an increased allowance, and to support employees in balancing work with caregiving responsibilities, our Carer’s Policy has been implemented. These changes reflect our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture, and to make sure that every employee feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Promoting Individual Authenticity

Our DEI team has launched projects aimed at ensuring every person feels seen and respected. To guarantee genuine recognition for all individuals, the DEI endorsed an initiative encouraging colleagues to use their real names, while also offering support to those impacted by this change. In addition, our team offered the option for individuals to include their pronouns in email signatures if they choose to do so, respecting and supporting gender-inclusivity.

Moreover, our DEI team has developed an interactive calendar of events that celebrates holidays associated with disabilities, mental health, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. This calendar serves as a comprehensive resource, providing information about upcoming events and offering links to educational materials such as blogs, vlogs, videos, and articles, making it a valuable learning tool for everyone.

Harry Hastings speaking to Ocean Holidays staff about DEO initiatives

Regular Employee Feedback

We want to host informative events and raise awareness for the causes that we believe in. However, to ensure our initiatives remain relevant and appealing to our employees, we request regular feedback and hold Town Hall sessions to discuss our past and future DEI initiatives.

These sessions include the ability for anonymous feedback to our senior leadership team, helping to create an equal platform for opinions. The results of our surveys are openly displayed on a dedicated DEI page for our employees, where they can also view our upcoming calendar of events.

Our Vision for the Future

We want to do more than simply meet our obligations. We want to acknowledge the challenges our sector has traditionally faced in achieving equality and diversity and make up for lost opportunities. That’s why we have identified three strategic priorities for the business to focus on:

  • Inclusive Culture

    We will incorporate inclusivity into our core values, evolve all policies to be person-centred, and deliver inclusive training sessions to build awareness and confidence, amongst other initiatives.

  • Positive Action

    We will take proactive steps to improve equality in our workplace, including providing a Real Living Wage at a minimum, prioritising new skills and experience for existing employees over new job adverts, and regularly providing recognition to our peers.

  • The Wider World

    We want to improve inclusivity and equality in the destinations we sell for, such as building a larger inventory of accessible villas in Florida, working with suppliers who promote these principles and taking on the responsibility of offering a special assistance programme for our customers abroad.

To measure our success in achieving these goals, we promise to frequently consult with our colleagues and industry partners, always remembering that everyone has a role to play in building a better, open, and more transparent travel industry.