Ocean Holidays has a close working relationship and its four reputable brands are members of an array of leading brands and organisations throughout the travel and leisure industry, inclusive of hotel chains, cruise liners, tourist boards and airlines. This allows Ocean Holidays to provide its customers with the most reputable and trusted products on the market, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. It’s a testimony to Ocean Holidays that these types of global brands continue to work with the company, as well as new partnerships which are formed year after year, as a direct result of the service and products Ocean Holidays provides.
For more than 10 years, Ocean Holidays has been striving to provide customers with the most memorable holidays possible and has achieved exactly that. The four unique brands which make up Ocean Holidays – Ocean Florida, Ocean Beds, Ocean California and Winged Boots – have gained a worthy reputation at the forefront of the travel industry and are renowned for the exceptional customer service provided by each of the experienced teams. With a growing number of customers each year and more than 20,000 holidaymakers choosing to book with Ocean Holidays in 2013, the company continue to go from strength to strength.

Ocean Florida is the UK’s Number One Independent Florida Travel Specialist and has sent in excess of 100,000 customers on their dream holiday to the US. A dedicated team of consultants in the UK, and an expert team in the Orlando Welcome Centre, work closely with the best hotel brands and airlines to guarantee customers enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Established in 2008, Winged Boots boasts a team of bespoke travel specialists who send customers to the most desirable destinations around the world. Providing travel services for both business and leisure customers, the professional team at Winged Boots hold close relationships with the finest luxury hotels worldwide and exceptional airlines to ensure a getaway that’s second to none.