We understand that a healthy business cannot be sustained without healthy environmental ethics. In the travel industry, success has always been influenced by both environmental and social issues. And more than ever, sustainable business practices are simply another essential system for meeting customers’ needs. This conviction is the cornerstone of our mission: empowering our customers to make informed decisions while inspiring our team to lead the charge as the premier sustainable tour operator in the market.

Six Key Areas of Focus

  • Eco Assessments to Calculate our Carbon Footprint

    We work with sustainability consultancy companies to ensure we’re receiving independent advice and working towards establishing a baseline for improvement in the current climate.

  • Defining our Net-Zero Targets

    We will align our goals with globally recognised sustainability standards, striving to define our net-zero target. Furthermore, we seek to limit waste, conserve water, recycle materials, and improve energy efficiency in our work environments.

  • Natural Disaster Response & Animal Welfare Policy

    We not only want to avoid a climate crisis but to support our customers financially and logistically when they face the results of climate change. Additionally, we are committed to the ethical treatment of animals in every aspect of our operations. As part of this dedication to responsible travel practices, we are developing comprehensive animal welfare policies.

  • Evaluating our Supply Chain

    Collaboration with our travel partners is essential, fostering a shared commitment to sustainability throughout our operations.

  • Social Responsibility Initiatives

    As well as protecting the planet, we also want to protect our people. Among many initiatives, we offer ‘do the right thing’ pro bono days to our staff and support charities both in our communities and globally.

  • Vision to Become the Leading Sustainable Tour Operator in the Market

    These initiatives will encourage our customers to make conscientious travel choices and cultivate a collective dedication to sustainable tourism, driving positive change within our industry.

Timeline of Achievements