We understand that a healthy business cannot be sustained without healthy environmental ethics. In the travel industry, success has always been influenced by both environmental and social issues. And more than ever, sustainable business practices are simply another essential system for meeting customers’ needs. We know many customers would prefer to purchase an environmentally responsible product than secure the cheapest offer. We share this belief and are committed to prioritising long-term prosperity over short-term financial gain.

Five Key Areas of Focus

  • Eco Assessments

    We work with sustainability consultancy companies to ensure we’re receiving independent advice and working towards suitable targets in the current climate.

  • Green Office Space

    We seek to limit waste, conserve water, recycle materials and improve energy efficiency in our work environments.

  • Natural Disaster Cover

    We not only want to avoid a climate crisis but to support our customers financially and logistically when they face the results of climate change.

  • Green Teams

    To ensure we remain on track for success, our employees form Green Teams to routinely assess progress, discuss challenges and identify new opportunities.

  • Social Responsibility Initiatives

    As well as protecting the planet, we also want to protect our people. Among many initiatives, we offer ‘do the right thing’ pro bono days to our staff and support charities both in our communities and globally.

Timeline of Achievements