Winged Boots Moves Into Business

With the current success and growth of Winged Boots offering leisure holidays, we have organically found an increasing amount of requests for business travel.

As a result, Ocean Holidays is officially launching Winged Boots Business which will be headed up by James Kenyon our new Head of Business. This exciting new part of the Ocean group will concentrate on day-to-day corporate travel, staff incentives and rewards, group travel and prize management.

David Ox, MD and Co-founder of Winged Boots says “My team and I are very excited to see the launch Winged Boots Business and it is testament to the amazing staff I have behind me which allows us to move forward with this new challenge. Clients have grown to trust Winged Boots when it comes to their personal travel, so I’m really looking forward to representing their travel when it comes to business also.”

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If you have a question contact: James Kenyon,

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